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Quantum-Touch —The New Human endeavors to significantly enlarge the possibilities of what humans can be and do. In clear, step-by-step.
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I integrate these invaluable teachings into my practice. How could we have missed it for thousands of years? This revolutionizes our understanding of how human abilities can create unimagined miraculous transformations.

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Quantum-Touch 2.0 - The New Human

Not valid for gift certificates and cannot be combined with other offers. Get the news you want. I'm interested in Gordon shares his discoveries in this new book, which takes Quantum-Touch to a far more powerful level. To enrich the book with scientific insights, Gordon sought out Vickie Wickhorst, PhD, and Chris Duffield, PhD, academics investigating the convergence of science, technology, and the power of the human energy field.


They serve as guides to help readers, even skeptical ones, uncover their own process of discovery. Beginning with a discussion of human anatomy, the book goes on to describe practical healing techniques such as skeletal alignment and adjustments, chakra work, icon creation and visualization, and manifestation meditations.

The authors explain how these phenomena are both compatible with and capable of expanding our scientific understanding of what it means to be human. Through simple exercises, you'll quickly learn to use some lost, forgotten, or simply unknown human abilities.

These easily learned skills allow us to do things that current science considers impossible. Here you will learn to achieve practical results by focusing and amplifying your love.

Quantum-Touch - The New Human: Discovering and Becoming by Richard Gordon

Your love is not just an electrochemical reaction in the brain, a sweet sentiment on a greeting card, or something you feel. Your love is powerful and can dramatically affect the physical world. Your love is valuable. You can help accelerate healing on multiple people at once, work on multiple conditions simultaneously, work across time and space, help people shift their beliefs with energy, and so much more. This book challenges the long-held scientific assumption that our inner state cannot directly influence external physical reality.

Now we can quickly and easily demonstrate that consciousness affects matter. We are not merely physical bodies, or highly sophisticated biological robots; we are beings capable of love that can affect the world in profound ways, and our limits are as yet unknown. We each become the new human when we discover this. What if everyone had the innate ability to quickly and easily do powerful energy healing, on themselves and others, even at a great distance and across time?

It would change our whole notion of what a human being is, what we can accomplish, and how we can evolve our civilization. Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments, and Fascia 8. Organs, Glands, and Physiology 9. Structural Alignment -Bones and Ligaments Frequently Asked Questions pt.

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  • Working in the Brain Auricular Quantum-Touch Healing across Space and Time Doing Multiple Things Simultaneously Working on Many People at Once Changing Beliefs and Identity with Energy Sharing Gifts Visible Magic -Aligning the Sphenoid and the Occiput More Frequently Asked Questions Quantum-Touch Meditation pt. The New Human -Insights and Speculation Cosmic Conjecture Vision for a New Future My Final Thoughts for This Book.

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