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Re:interracial erotica service with a smile. Maloney Heights Part One Interracial Erotica Interracial Sex Novel Interracial Sex Black Woman White Man Interracial.
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Bob thought he might have scared her, but then she added, "You can watch, if you like. He saw her spray the tub and the tile wall with a cleaner, and then Rosa turned on the tub faucet and used a scrub brush to begin scrubbing away at the porcelain tile. She leaned over the tub to scrub the wall, and then bent lower and lower, working her way down, until soon she was bending over completely, her ass poised high in the air. Bob didn't have time to think this might be an invitation, because his attention was focused solely on the fact that, with her at this angle, Rosa's upper half was nearly upside-down.

The bottom of her tight shirt was hanging down and away from her body, and beneath it he could see the full, naked, rounded bottoms of her breasts. This position also pulled her shorts up a little tighter, and more of her ass peeked out at him. Rosa stayed like this, working on cleaning that same area for more than twice as long as she had cleaned the other areas above it. As she scrubbed, her body swayed with the motion, including her breasts, which swung back and forth, jiggling seductively.

A few moments of this, and Bob just couldn't take it anymore. He had been horny for days watching that DVD over and over again, this sexy young thing had brought back memories of his first sexual adventure, and now she was teasing him, displaying herself for him in private, close quarters. He knew she was aware of the effect she was having on him, but he wasn't sure how far she was willing to go. So instead of doing anything too drastic, he just decided to take a slightly lower risk and enjoy himself.

Staring at her swinging tits, Bob unzipped his pants and pulled out his erection. He saw her catch this bold move out the corner of her eye, so when she did nothing to dissuade him, Bob knew he was at least okay so far. He began jerking himself using his left, uncasted arm, watching the young girl with lust, feeling his heart beating even faster than he was beating his cock. After a few minutes, Rosa apparently got tired of being in that position, so she kneeled down beside the tub to continue scrubbing inside it.

Even though her ass didn't poke out as much, her shirt had shifted up even more, and with the help of an "accidental" brush of her own arm against her breasts, the shirt moved up until her tits were hanging free below her, and her smooth back was almost fully exposed. In her bent over position, Rosa's breasts weren't completely obvious if you weren't looking, but Bob was looking, and his eyes about bugged out of his head as he watched them sway. Water from the running tub faucet sprayed them, and droplets of water could be seen dripping off her smooth flesh.

He jerked harder and faster, feeling the cum building up, remembering what it had been like with the woman in Santa Rosa. He could almost feel her tongue on his nuts, almost feel her hot mouth sucking him. And her cunt was so tight when he fucked her. He wondered if Rosa was just as tight as her mother was.

And he wondered if Rosa would ever let him find out. Those vivid memories overtook him, and then Bob wasn't in his bathroom in Northern California anymore.

Viola Davis Talks About Her Interracial Romance With Liam Neeson In 'Widows'

He was back in Santa Rosa in his hotel room, getting his first blowjob from the sexy Latina stranger. She sucked him for over thirty-minutes that first time, and Bob had always been amazed that he lasted that long. But he was obviously in good hands, because even as she moaned on his dick the whole time, she was able to keep him and herself under enough control to keep that cum building rather than prematurely spewing.

When he finally did cum on that fateful night, he did it into the girl's hungry, open mouth, spraying her tongue white and nearly drowning her in thick sperm that threatened to clog her throat. She had coughed some of it up, spilling it between her own tits, which she then directed Bob to fuck, even though his dick was having trouble staying erect after all the attention. Still, her method worked, and he was fucking those slippery, sticky, cum-lathered tits with loud, wet gushes well into the night.

When it was time to cum again, he shot her in the face with another sizeable load.

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The girl wiped it off with her hand, then smeared it across her tits, her stomach, and down to her pussy. Her whole body glistened with sweat and cum. Bob watched the girl finger-fuck herself for a while, and then he went down on her, eating a woman out for the first time. She tasted sweet, and he could taste himself on her, but he didn't care.

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When he brought her to orgasm, a screaming, thrashing display of pleasure, his feeling of achievement was so overwhelming that he was quickly hard again. This time Bob fucked the sexy stranger, pounding her over and over, harder and harder. After a while he came, and when he pulled out and took off the condom, the girl took it from him and dumped its contents into her mouth, swallowing it with a satisfied moan. It took Bob a couple hours before he was hard enough to fuck her again, but the girl never gave up on him.

She gave him the infamous hour-blow, sucked his testicles almost endlessly, she kissed him everywhere, and she rubbed her big, sweaty tits all over his body. In return, he ate her to two more wild orgasms. When Bob finally did achieve an erection again, he just fucked her, whether it was her mouth or her cunt. Too spent to cum much, but too excited to stop himself, the two went at it until the sun rose. The last time he came with her was in the doggie style position, and he had brought her to a final orgasm as he gave her his final thrusts. Back in the present, jerking off to those memories, Bob suddenly noticed Rosa had stopped cleaning.

She was just kneeling there, over the tub, watching him out the corner of her eye, apparently waiting for something. She knew what he was doing, so he wasn't ashamed.

He just wished he knew what she was waiting for. Did she want him to pull those shorts down and stuff his cock into her from behind? The very thought of it pushed Bob over the edge, and suddenly he was shooting hot, thick strings of cum all over her naked back. The sight of his bright white jizz on her light coffee skin seemed to just urge more out of him, and soon Rosa's back was covered with the stuff, which ran down her sides, over her ribs, and even down under the waistband of her short shorts. Bob lost his breath as he grunted and then screamed while he emptied his balls onto her.

For an instant he grew light-headed, and he half fell, half sat down onto the closed toilet lid to compose himself. Rosa didn't move at all, and though he feared what the sexy young thing might be thinking, all Bob could do was stare at the pools of cum on her naked back. After he had calmed down a little and Rosa still hadn't moved, Bob realized she was probably just waiting for him to clean her off so she could be on her way. If she stood up or moved much at all now, the cum would drip off of her and get everywhere.

Had this girl been teasing him? Or had she merely sat there and just accepted it because he was, after all, her boss? Had this been enjoyed, or endured? He grabbed the towel, wondering if he would have to change his name and move now. It's okay. Just rub it all over me until it doesn't drip anymore. I love the feeling of warm cum on my skin. He squatted down behind Rosa and carefully placed his one good hand into the warm, gooey mess on her back. At first she didn't move, but as he began to rub his hand into the cum and across her skin, Rosa arched her back and lightly purred.

He put his other hand into it—well, his fingers anyway, as the cast went around his thumb and he didn't think she'd appreciate it's rough texture--and began massaging the sperm into her skin, spreading it all over. Growing bolder, he even rubbed it from her back to her ribs and down across her sides. When she didn't stop him, but moaned even louder in approval, Bob kneeled behind her for a better position, and then reached underneath her and cupped her heavy breasts, smearing them with cum. This was especially satisfying, not just for Bob who was about to faint from the realization of what he was doing, but also to Rosa, apparently, for she arched her back even more, thrusting her chest against Bob's hands and grinding her ass against his crotch.

He had not zipped up after cumming, so Bob's exposed dick met the fabric of her short shorts full on, and it tingled with excitement at the firmness of her ass. He was getting hard again. Right before his eyes, Bob sprouted an erection. He couldn't believe he could be physically ready again so soon, but he wasn't about to argue the point.

He pressed against Rosa's ass with his crotch, still fondling her cum-coated tits. She pushed back against him, and he knew he had to have her. He backed away a bit, not wanting to let her amazing breasts go, but knowing he had to move his hands if those shorts were going to come off. But then, before he released her, Rosa reached back with her own hand, unfastened her shorts and tugged them down.

Her tight, adorable, mouth-watering little ass came into view, and suddenly Bob's cock wasn't just hard, it was raging. His body moved forward unconsciously, letting his fat hard-on rest in the tight crack of her ass. Report Story. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission.

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