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The Fine Art of Glamour is the official site of professional glamour photographer David.
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One of my favorite passions as a photographer is creating fine art. How is fine art different from a normal portrait? With a fine art, I am creating a one of a kind piece of art. I do this a couple of different ways; sometimes it just is how I edit it. I like to play with different tones and textures. Other times I have a concept for the photo shoot, so it begins with the styling, how I shoot it, and the editing.

Glamour romantic ART of Trisch Biddle

My fine art work has been recognized by different online publications, through photography awards, and contests. Ultimately my biggest gratification comes presenting my clients with their unique one of kind piece of work. Right now I really am obsessed with flowers; I have no idea where that came from. However, I love flowers. I have several floral bonnets for small children, I also have created floral pieces for adults to wear as well.

I would love to create fine art for you the next time you book your session.

Frederick Watson – Painter of Glamour

I am so excited to announce that you can now purchase gift certificate online through my website. These can be used by the recipient to apply towards a session fee, prints, or split between both. Then I have glamour packages.

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Crysti by Christopher Francis (Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee)

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