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New around here? Let's get you going. Travis CI Tutorial Learn how to deploy to your hosting provider using Travis CI. Heroku · AWS CodeDeploy · OpenShift.
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Why do I get multiple errors building basic code and the tests? Do I need to change my build system to use Emscripten? Why is code compilation slow? Why does my code run slowly? Why is my compiled code big?

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Why does compiling code that works on another machine gives me errors? How can I reduce startup time? Why do I get error while loading shared libraries: libtinfo. Why does my HTML app hang?

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How do I run an event loop? How do I link against system libraries like SDL, boost, etc.?

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What are my options for audio playback? How can my compiled program access files? How can I tell when the page is fully loaded and it is safe to call compiled functions? He loves his family and he's loyal to his friends.

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